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  -  PaCH and UM

Compliance? Security? Tracking what has been done? Meeting regulatory requirements? Complying with internal policies? Our response is: UM (User maintenance). This application provides the neccessary framework and control in and around your working environment.
Please note: these two "control" applications are the cornerstones of the software package. Without the presence of these two, the other application modules will NOT be able to function.

The core elements

UM (User Maintenance)
  • Full audit trail
  • Activity setup
  • Activity grouping
  • User accounts setup
  • User groups creation
  • Link user groups to activity groups
  • Traceability of ANY and EVERY activity

    PaCH (Prospect and Client Handling)
  • "single gold copy" Customer database
  • Customer data integrity across applications
  • 360 degree view of the customer

    More information will be made available soon at HERE
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