Not yet... But it is coming... Not yet... But it is coming... Not yet... But it is coming... 
  -  aFut (application Follow up tool)

The "spine" of the entire application set is the flow manager. This aFut is not the classic flow manager... (The market is full of "proper" flow manager applications). This is simply a "minimalist" flow manager what is necessary to have to get all "islands" in one circle. (see the cycle sketch on the Overview section)

aFut (application Follow up tool) features:

  • All status information on ONE screen
  • Easy look up for customer appliactions
  • Activity group view/retrieve
  • Steps being taken (Who/When)
  • Steps to be taken/next steps
  • On hold feature
  • "special" contact list
  • Canned reports on
        - Cycle time
        - Statuses
  • All user activity logged in UM

    More information will be made available soon at HERE
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