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  -  Grading

The Grading application is the 1st major "hurdle" on the road to a successful loan reimbursement to the requestee. At this stage, various documentations obtained from the applicant company to enable the lender to have a "generic" overview of the Company state and to complete a sort of "health check" on the Company.

Initially, a pre-grade is awarded, based on assumptions and verbally given attributes. At later stage, these assumptions will be turned into a documentation based objective grading of the Customer, where (as a result) a limit structure is being assessed to the Customer.

The Grading application module features:

  • Directly available from the flow manager
  • Pre-grading support
  • Different templates for registering requestee company financials
  • Objective built in business logic (a sort of scoring)
  • Documentation deferral list supported
  • Canned reports on
        - Internal grading cycle time
        - Statuses
  • All user activity logged in UM

    More information will be made available soon at HERE
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