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  -  Availment and collateral management

Once the Customer has its assessed loan limit structure, the Customer is entitled to "withdraw" fund from its provided commitments. The Customer then requests a loan and provides a collateral against. At this stage the collateral is evaluated and an approriate decision will be made in the light of the open limits and the collateral featured attributes.

This Availment and Collateral module features:

  • Directly available from the flow manager
  • Register and input credit approvers requested/needed documents
  • Open limits and input details of request
  • Transaction maintenance
  • Collateral maintenance
  • Documentation & closure supported (contract creation and other supplements docs)
  • Deal - Collateral linkage is supported
  • Monitor collateral adequacy with limit utilisations
  • Documents deferral is supported (missing/awaited documents )
  • Two levels (maker-checker) of approval of the transaction
  • and finally, (as usual) all activities logged in UM

    More information will be made available soon at HERE
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