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  -  Collection management

The Customer keeps up with its monthly/quarterly payments. At the time the Customer fails to meet her due payments, gets into an arrears and becomes delinquent. At this stage, "soft" and a bit later "hard" collection process will be employed to receive all due payments.

The collateral management module includes:

  • Integrated to all other applications (receives various information)
  • All information available in ONE screen
  • Contracts/Accounts/Incasso's outstandings and standings
  • Dunning letters sent / calls made
  • Promises (kept/broken)
  • Free format message (history any interaction with the Customer)
  • Support for "special" contact list
  • available for "delinquency" managed as well as "classified" managed Customers
  • Canned reports such as:
        - Productivity (# outgoing calls etc.)
        - Effectiveness (# of taken and kept promises etc.)
        - Statuses
  • and finally, (as always) all activities logged in UM

    More information will be made available soon at HERE
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