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  -  Classification management

After certain number of DPD's (Days Past Due) the Customer becomes written down. (Usually this is 90 days but in few cases it might be 120 days.) At this stage the Customer moves from "delinquency" managed to "classified" managed. On the very high level, this is about handling differently the Customer OS. The classified managed Customers require special treatment and also, there are reporting responsibility to the local regulator as well as to the parent company.

The classification module:

  • All customer inquiry and follow up managed through the Collection module
  • Month on Month Customer/change view
  • Classified Customer Review document creation supported
  • Loss forecast supported
  • Maker - Checker function supported
  • Multi level approval supported
  • Batch approval supported
  • Business logic implemented to calculate and have and accurate view on:
        - NCL (Net Credit Loss)
        - COC (Cost of Credit)
        - REC (Recovery)
        - WO (Write Off)
  • Canned reports available
  • and as always, all activities logged in UM

    More information will be made available soon at HERE
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