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  -  Reporting module

The delicate situation of having nearly all data in one controlled form and format, enables the reporting application to have an easy go. Any ad -hoc report request gets "programmed" (scripted) and makes it to the reporting application menu structure. Depending on the requestor, the menu items clubbed by the requesting department making the retrieval and/or rerun of any report an easy exercise. Run report priviledes are maintaned in the UM module.

The reporting module:

  • An "independent" separate reporting modul from all other application bits
  • Need special attention
  • A SQL literate "superuser" to be named as owner
  • Tipical report requestee groups:
        - Operation
        - FinCon
        - Documentation and closure
        - Executive management
  • Canned reports available
  • and as always, all activities logged in UM

    More information will be made available soon at HERE
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